Teacher Rewards Points

Loyalty = Rewards

It's expensive to get new customers. We love returning customers, because they don't cost us any marketing money. WE PASS THESE SAVINGS ON TO YOU! Every order you place with us gives you a 5% rewards points credit towards your next order.

TeacherStorehouse.com Account

Creating an account is as simple as specifying a password at checkout. Once enrolled, a 5% of your purchases, AND the purchases of anyone you refer to TeacherStorehouse.com, will be added in Rewards Points to your account.

Referrals = Rewards!

Get 5% of purchases made by EVERYONE you refer to TeacherStorehouse.com! See the rewards instructions in your account for instructions.


Rewards Points are available only for credit card purchases. Rewards points expire after 365 days. 100 points = $1.00.